Saturday, April 4, 2009


We have 2 chocolate labs. We have bread them a few times and never had any trouble selling the puppies. This last litter we were not expecting and not really happy about. Then add in the recession. Although I love the puppies and I have lots of time for them it is not really a good time to try to sell puppies. I would consider selling them at a reduced rate if I knew that they were going to a good home, or even taking payments. But to no avail, we have puppies. Each litter we have had in the past, we have still had calls after they were all gone. This time it is taking along time. Is it that I am not trusting in God? Is it that He wants us to really rely on Him for our finances? Maybe, but in the mean time we still have puppies! They are cute, they are smart, and they are costing us money! Money that we don't have right now. I guess that I could go to the grocery store and buy the junkie dog food instead of buying the good stuff, but that would be like buying no name ketchup. That would also mean picking up more poop! Oh well, what do you do? In the end we still have puppies!

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  1. Aww. We still need to come see those puppies.