Thursday, April 9, 2009

God is faithful

God is so faithful. Why is it that we doubt Him? Time and time again this question comes up and yet the next opportunity we get, we do it again! For those of you that read my post on puppies, you have seen that I was questioning God in this situation. It just barley got off my lips and there was an answer to prayer. At this very moment we have only 3 puppies left to sell. That being said we still have prospective buyers as well. This is much further then we were last week. Last week all I could see was a life with 6 puppies growing to be big like their parents and our food bill sky rocketing. I actually had fear in my heart. I am brought back to the verse "fear not nor be afraid, for the Lord you God He is with you". Again I ask "why do I doubt". Maybe I should change my name from Tammy to Tommy (you know, Thomas the doubter!)

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