Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm a nerd!

How many times have you thought "my husband doesn't know me, he doesn't understand me!" Well the other day we were doing our Financial peace study and it all became clear to me! I AM A NERD. That's right, I said it. I will even own up to it. The clincher is that I have married a free spirit. Now this has helped me in two ways. #1 It tells me that just because I like things a certain way, it doesn't mean that I am obsessive compulsive (there are others like me). #2 That I am not crazy he doesn't get me! Since learning that there is a difference in the way we think I have set out on a venture to organize the things I can in my life. I am now a stay at home mom and I hate the everyday choice of what to have for supper. I am going to start Menu Monday. This has caused some concern for my Free Spirited husband. His response to this is "what if I don't want to have what's on the menu for today?" My answer to that was simple, I will let him know what I have planned and give him the chance to make changes. Then if he has a change of heart later on in the week, he has to let me know before I start to cook or it is too late! That will give him the freedom he feels he needs and me the structure I thrive on. Hey there can be harmony in a marriage after all. We started this study to improve our knowledge in finances but it is the whole meal deal. Thank you God for putting it on 7's heart to dive into this new adventure.

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  1. that's too funny, because that's J's biggest complaint with me planning menus!