Thursday, April 15, 2010

UBP 10 Prizes! What to choose, what to choose?!?!?!

Wow who would have thought picking prizes would be hard? There are so many great gifts to choose from but here are a few I like.

USC # 10 from The Glass Polkadot Co. The give away is a glass pendent with a chain. They are beautiful and any one would be nice to win and the one that is being given away is called Lilac. The color is beautiful and the design is pretty. I would be happy to add this to my collection.

USC # 11 OK I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with this product!!!! It adds bling to the photographers baggage. I would put this on my wish list for Christmas, Birthdays, and any other day that someone would want to buy me a gift. If I am not picked as the winner I would love to do a product review! I am taking pictures at a wedding at the end of June and it would be a great time to show it off.

USC # 15 $ 50.00 Target gift card is the prize but the real Gem is the website! Her pictures are beautiful at Halet quarles of love, life and family... and then some.

USC # 19 Sometimes it is just easier if they choose for you! Whoever wins one of these rings will be happy for sure because they are simply beautiful!!! Beadworks By Marcy what beautiful work you do.

USC # 36 Well I know that I would use a $ 25.00 Amazon gift card if I won it but that isn't the only prize you will get. Hop over to Tara's view of the World and read about life with 3 kids 1 of which has disabilities. This is real life.

USC # 37 Would a $50.00 Amazon gift card be better? You bet it would. And just as this blog spot has the same prize as someone else so does she also have the same blog back ground as someone else. And just as the gift card is bigger and better so is the blog!.I enjoy my visit.

USC # 39 $ 50.00 paypal cash prize. I don't know how to use this prize but i am willing to learn. I had a visit over at this blog and I felt at home. MomDot is set up tidy and easy to find everything. I read a few posts and found it very enjoyable. I will be back.

USC # 48 Wow, some more awesome jewelery. I am really enjoying looking at all of the neat stuff out there and this blog was great. There are allot of really nice pieces in this collections. It is great that you could win a $ 25.00 gift certificate too. Go over to Just Jewelery by Jessica.

USC # 53 I like to make fancy things and this cup cake cook book looks like it will be up my alley. I love the cover too with the little ducks on it. Go to HoosierHomemade to have a look.

That is all for now! It was allot of fun to read and comment on all of the blogs for the people who have donated these gifts. I can't wait to see if or what I win. My Absolute favorite would have to be # 11 then # 19, # 10, and # 48 any of the gift cards would be great too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine

The other day we were invited out to a friend’s house for a pot luck supper. There were a few other families that came as well. It was nice to have a chance to get together with other Christian friends to grow together and build a connection and support. On this evening someone brought a DVD of a Christian comedian. He was clean and for the most part seemed respectful unlike other comedians. Sitting there with our friends watching this guy got me to thinking. Everyone was laughing (some even in a fit of laughter) except for me. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few parts that I found funny and had a good chuckle but for the most part I didn’t laugh. In fact I actually fell asleep at one point! Some of the jokes to me were just common sense. Some were bordering the line of being morbid and when I said something about it the response I got was, “that is why it is so funny”. There is nothing wrong with jokes, I love jokes. So then, why is it that I have trouble laughing at things like comedians and comedies? I went home and started thinking about that. I thought is it because I am not a happy person, No, I am happy. Why would God create me in a way that things that make other people laugh, I either don’t get or don’t care to get? Well the very next day I got my answer! My husband and I were sitting in the living room together. We had 2 little people over at our house for a visit and were really enjoying our time together. Our youngest daughter has a little dog that is only about 7lbs. She really likes the little people that we had at our house and spent a lot of time playing with them. This apparently tired her out because when I was feeding the baby and my husband was snuggling with the little girl the dog finally took some time to sit still. As she sat there she started to fall asleep. Now let me remind you that she didn’t take the time to lie down. While she sat there her head would start to droop. She would jerk quickly and bring it up which happened a few times. Then as she got sleepier she started to fall over to the side. This happened a few times until I was laughing so hard that I was crying. I couldn’t for the life of me think of why she wouldn’t go lie in her bed until I realized that she didn’t want to miss out on the fun with the kids. Anyway after my laughing fit was over she took one long hard disgusted look at me and started to walk to her bed. I couldn’t help but chuckle once again because as she walked she looked like she was 100 years old. After she was out of the room I realized that it hadn’t been the first time that something she had done had brought me to tears with laughter. When she was little we had been watching a movie and one of the kids had been eating Pringles. When they were finished they set the can down on the floor till the movie was over. Jewel (the dog) smelt the chips and decided to have a look. She stuck her head into the can and couldn’t get it back out. We were trying to help but she kept walking around banging into things and everyone was laughing so hard that we couldn’t catch her. I Realized what makes me laugh at that moment sitting there remembering the times I have laughed at her. Life makes me laugh, the things in life that just happen and are not forced. Little people who are just learning who they are, and are trying out new words and new things make me laugh. Animals make me laugh; because they can’t think “is this going to be funny” they just live. When life just happens I laugh, and when I laugh I find myself satisfied with the world. Laughter really is the best medicine

Friday, April 9, 2010

And the Party continues

Who would have thought that my husband, who is Never interested in this blog stuff would go on my blog and read! Thanks to this blog party I am getting quite a few emails from my blog and when they kept coming he wanted to see what you all were seeing. He took some time to read my post on How much love? It is very nice to have everyone come and have a look at what I am up to but what a complement it was to have my best friend and husband stop by and have a read.

It has only been 1 day but I have read so many new blogs that my head is spinning. I never quite knew how you got people to read your blog and I was encouraged to blog by the love and freedom my dear friend IRL got from blogging. I can see that as I have more people that are interested in following me that it will give me a reason to let you know what is up. And I have started a good list of blogs that I am interested in reading about to keep me busy for awhile.

My dear friend IRL and I rented the movie Julie and Julia not to long ago and it really interested me how many people were touched by her blog. Will my blog ever connect with that many people? I really don't know but I am up for the task if that is where we go. I would like to be able to make a bit (or a lot) of money with my blog and if you are reading this and have any ideas for me please share! I would like to be able to do what I want on here and not tinker around or call for help at every bend (thanks so much LD). I have seen some neat buttons and bling on other blogs as I looked and I will look at some of that too. One thing that I think would work for me is to have a blog with my photographic portfolio on it to allow people to have a look. That is something that I will work on soon. My brain is tired from information over load so I will end this post for now but don't worry I will be back soon.

Crafty Mommy Diva and more

I had a chance to hop over to a few blog spots that I found from being a part of the UBP'10 It has been awesome to have a chance to see what the rest of the world is up to. If you are in need of some beautiful gifts this is a great place to look. There were a lot of cool gifts on there, have a look for yourself. I know that I am suppose to pick my fave but I love so many on there. OK, OK if you really want me to choose then I will have to say that I love the canvases. So anyway you can get on the site and start to buy some great gifts or keep sakes or follow the list of rules and regulations on here to try and win a $30.00 gift certificate for free. Don't try to hard though because I think that my name is already on it!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How much love?

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Wow! I have to admit that I really have no clue what to say here. Some of you that read this will have met me already and some won't have. I suspect that a few of you will have gotten to know me from a mutual friend and that is great too. There is always more room for friends in my life and my heart is like a balloon. The only difference is that I am fairly certain that it will not pop!

I have not always felt that I was a caring person. The journey to the person I am today was not easy but I got here and I am a better person for it. I have changed so much in the past 16 years that I didn't see the changes that were happening right in front of me. It wasn't until last year that I really realized how different I really was from others. I have spent little time in my life thinking about who I care about, how I care or even why I care. I have only spent time thinking "does that person need something"? And "can I fulfil their need". Those people who wish that they were a little more caring look at people like me and wish that they could be more like me. Don't get me wrong, this is a great way to live your life. But there are still down falls just like there are in every type of life you chose to live, and I say CHOOSE because it really is a choice. For me the biggest down fall would have to be the hurts that come with loving someone. Not everyone wants your love, not everyone understands your love, and not everyone accepts your love. When you love big you set yourself up to hurt big! There have been times in my life where I have cried myself to sleep because I was hurting for a friend or a loved one. I have woken up with red and swollen eyes because someone I loved was hurting or making bad choices and there was nothing I could do for them other then to keep loving them. Sometimes I feel like people don't understand me or think that I am not for real. That can hurt too because I know no other way to be. I do know that there was a time in my life that I wondered if I was even capable of loving someone. My life as a child and teen was so messed up that I thought that my capacity to love was void. I had a husband that I thought I loved and 2 great kids who I wondered if I really loved. Some days I would think that if they were taken away from me I wasn't sure if it would hurt me. I wanted so badly to feel the love that I was meant to feel. The love that I was meant to share. How could I find this love? How could I feel this love? I am a praying woman and that is what I did to find this feeling that I thought should be inside of me. I prayed that God would show me how to love my kids more then I had ever been loved. To love my husband so much that he would never need to seek that love from anyone else. As I talked to God I soon realized that the only way that I was going to be able to love these people in my life was for me to first love myself. Me, the one who was abused, worthless, useless, and unworthy of love. I had to first love the one person who I thought was unlovable before I could love the ones who I thought needed it the most. Let me introduce you to me! I am short and round. I have a very out going personality (not in a good way sometimes) and I am very stubborn. I am the one person that I would probably not get along with if I met myself at an event. Where to start then? Well first I had to find one thing that I really liked about myself and concentrate on that. Have you ever heard that the eyes are the window to your soul? Well in this case they were. I worked on finding out who I was and what my needs were and before I knew it, I liked myself! Once I realized how it felt to like myself I realized that I loved my family and just how real love really felt. It was a gift from God, and it is the gift that keeps on giving. You see the more you love the more you are loved! It is a never ending circle. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog feel free to drop in from time to time. If you do I will make an effort to update more often. Oh and nothing like a party to get the conversation started so go ahead and join the blog party, 5 min for mom's meet you there!