Friday, April 9, 2010

Crafty Mommy Diva and more

I had a chance to hop over to a few blog spots that I found from being a part of the UBP'10 It has been awesome to have a chance to see what the rest of the world is up to. If you are in need of some beautiful gifts this is a great place to look. There were a lot of cool gifts on there, have a look for yourself. I know that I am suppose to pick my fave but I love so many on there. OK, OK if you really want me to choose then I will have to say that I love the canvases. So anyway you can get on the site and start to buy some great gifts or keep sakes or follow the list of rules and regulations on here to try and win a $30.00 gift certificate for free. Don't try to hard though because I think that my name is already on it!!!


  1. Thanks so much! Not many people will do blog posts for giveaways so I try to entice them by giving them a high amount of entries for the giveaway. Thanks for your hard work and spreading the word! =D

  2. Hi Tammy-Lee! Wonder how many of us could start our blogs like yours with "I weigh more than I want, sleep less than I should"? lol. Could almost be a mom requirement. It's fun to step outside my little world, meet other bloggers, and glimpse into their worlds. Good luck with the prizes!

    Tasha at