Thursday, April 15, 2010

UBP 10 Prizes! What to choose, what to choose?!?!?!

Wow who would have thought picking prizes would be hard? There are so many great gifts to choose from but here are a few I like.

USC # 10 from The Glass Polkadot Co. The give away is a glass pendent with a chain. They are beautiful and any one would be nice to win and the one that is being given away is called Lilac. The color is beautiful and the design is pretty. I would be happy to add this to my collection.

USC # 11 OK I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with this product!!!! It adds bling to the photographers baggage. I would put this on my wish list for Christmas, Birthdays, and any other day that someone would want to buy me a gift. If I am not picked as the winner I would love to do a product review! I am taking pictures at a wedding at the end of June and it would be a great time to show it off.

USC # 15 $ 50.00 Target gift card is the prize but the real Gem is the website! Her pictures are beautiful at Halet quarles of love, life and family... and then some.

USC # 19 Sometimes it is just easier if they choose for you! Whoever wins one of these rings will be happy for sure because they are simply beautiful!!! Beadworks By Marcy what beautiful work you do.

USC # 36 Well I know that I would use a $ 25.00 Amazon gift card if I won it but that isn't the only prize you will get. Hop over to Tara's view of the World and read about life with 3 kids 1 of which has disabilities. This is real life.

USC # 37 Would a $50.00 Amazon gift card be better? You bet it would. And just as this blog spot has the same prize as someone else so does she also have the same blog back ground as someone else. And just as the gift card is bigger and better so is the blog!.I enjoy my visit.

USC # 39 $ 50.00 paypal cash prize. I don't know how to use this prize but i am willing to learn. I had a visit over at this blog and I felt at home. MomDot is set up tidy and easy to find everything. I read a few posts and found it very enjoyable. I will be back.

USC # 48 Wow, some more awesome jewelery. I am really enjoying looking at all of the neat stuff out there and this blog was great. There are allot of really nice pieces in this collections. It is great that you could win a $ 25.00 gift certificate too. Go over to Just Jewelery by Jessica.

USC # 53 I like to make fancy things and this cup cake cook book looks like it will be up my alley. I love the cover too with the little ducks on it. Go to HoosierHomemade to have a look.

That is all for now! It was allot of fun to read and comment on all of the blogs for the people who have donated these gifts. I can't wait to see if or what I win. My Absolute favorite would have to be # 11 then # 19, # 10, and # 48 any of the gift cards would be great too.


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  2. Just wanted to let you know that you didn't win the $30 Scrappy Gifts certificate, but for being so great about spreading the word, I'd love to make you a Scrappy Canvas.

    Just e-mail me at ScrappyDiva2129(at)yahoo(dot)com with your choice of colors or theme and your address.