Friday, April 10, 2009

Just a bad day!

Yesterday started out great. I planned a visit with LH and kiddies, had a laugh with my sister-in-law, gave a gift, deposited money, served a friend and more.

The visit was over and then my day started to take a swift u turn. Not quickly though. Kids texting me asking me if they could go here, do this. You know the seemingly normal stuff. Then the bottom fell out.

Lets go back a little further. Last year I was driving down the highway and a deer ran in front of me. The insurance company wrote it off. At the time this happened I was working so many hours that I did not have time to sleep. 7 was helping me too so every day he had off he was working. Somewhere in the shmoz of things we did not transfer our vehicle registration. We would have figured it out very soon as our registration comes up for renewal at the end of the month. But non the less it was not done.

Now back to yesterday, I was stopped by a sheriff (it is the Easter weekend and they were making sure everyone was following the rules of the road to a T). There was no intention on his part to issue a ticket but he still did the usual licence, insurance and registration please. Well the first 2 were not a problem but the 3rd was no where to be found. My thoughts were oh well I guess that it must have somehow got miss placed. Boy was I wrong! After sitting there for 40 min and having a few chats with the sheriff we both came to the conclusion that I had no registration on my van! I could not believe it. Thank God that I was polite and cooperative about the whole situation because the sheriff was suppose to impound my van right there on the spot. I was given 2 tickets totaling $460.00 and told to drive my van home and not to drive it till I got it registered. I said that I was sorry for the 20th time wished him a happy Easter and did as I was told.

Now for some people this may not have even phased them. For me though, I was shocked by the whole thing. How could this have been missed? Along with a billion other questions running through my head. Last weeks lesson (FPU) we heard a story about this single mom who had a bad day and to make a long story short bought McDonald's for supper because she was too tired to cook. Dave's response to this was we don't deserve that kind of break today! When we are debt free and we have a bad day maybe that would be OK, but we got ourselves into debt and as hard as it is going to be we need to buckle down to get ourselves out. $460.00 is half or aou grocery budget for the month. Please pray that God will find the means to pay all we need.

I am very thankful for a few things that came from yesterday though. The first is that when I needed a friend to vent to. Someone who would not call my husband down or tear him down putting all the blame on him. She was there, allowing me to vent, cry and get to the point that I could deal. Thank LH for keeping me together and not tearing me down. And I know that Diane was feeling like her "About me" was boring so I helped her spruce it up. The day ended on a paositive note and after all, it wasn't a "JELLYFISH BAD DAY".

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  1. I am honored to have a friend like you and to be a friend like that for you. :)