Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Money saving ideas anyone??

I really want to stay at home and take care of my family. I have almost always worked in some capacity our married life. Sometimes it was babysitting, sometimes it was painting for a friend. The past few years I have not been home much at all.

To me being a stay at home mom means finding ways to save money. I have been trying to bake lunch snacks instead of buying them. I also learned to make jam this year and have enough to last us for the winter. I have been trying to get into a routine at home so that I don't feel over whelmed. When the kids were little I use to do a big bake. I would make at least 6 different snacks and I would make 4 times the amount of each recipe. By the end there would be no room left in my freezer. This took the whole day and left alot of clean up. I never let the kids help me on these days as they would slow me down. Looking back at that it makes me kind of sad. I am realizing how important it is to slow down and spend time with my kids.

7 really wanted peanut butter cookies and I was busy making pizza for the kids lunches and lasagna for supper the next day. I didn't get the cookies done before bed so I put all the ingredients into a bowl (except the eggs) covered it up and left it for the morning. He gets up at about 6:00 am so I set my alarm to wake just before him, got up and by the time he got out of the shower there was fresh baked peanut butter cookies for him. I felt really good sending him off to work that way.

If you are reading this and have any suggestions on how to save money as a SAHM please pass them on this way.

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