Friday, September 11, 2009

A day with my friend.

Today I had a little friend over and we played the whole day. First we went to Auntie B's house to do a few errands and played in the basement with the toys. It was kind of hard to leave because of all the neat things there but with the promise of a cookie and some more fun off we went to the van. The drive brought lots of chatter and questions, what a fun ride! When we got to my house we got out and it was play time right away. Our tummies soon were hungry though and we needed to stop for something to eat. Peanut butter sandwiches were on the menu and some apple juice. Oops! We didn't keep a close eye on them and soon the dogs had some lunch too. Since all the other kids were at school Jewel was lonely and W was the perfect solution for her loneliness today. It was so much fun snuggling with her and playing soccer, but soon Coco took the ball and it was time for something else. Jumping on the trampoline is so much fun to do and to watch. Giggles are the best sound ever and the trampoline brought them on. There are lots of truck and things to ride on. It's a good thing that we had a longer time to visit because there was so much to do. After a while W was wondering where his family was. He asked for his big sisters and asked for his mom. I asked him if it was time to go home and if he was missing them but he wanted no part of that yet. A quick call to mom and it was play time again. I feel I need to remind you that W is just a little boy and at this time in his life he is working on finding spots for all of his new teeth. And we all know that with teeth comes drool and with drool sometime comes a little tummy trouble and with tummy trouble come a messy bottom area. We had to take a few breaks from playing to tidy up and on one such occasion we noticed unbeknown to both of us that W had an boo-boo. There had been no tears at all till we noticed and then when we saw the blood the tears came! The only problem was that the blood had already dried so We knew it didn't really hurt. A wet cloth, little chat and a band aide and all was OK. We decided that after that it was time to have a snack but we didn't feel like feeding the dogs again so we put on a movie and had an apple. The cars in the house were just sitting in the toy basket and no one was playing with them and W thought that they might be lonely too so out they came to have some fun. It was starting to get close to the time when W had to go home. How would we get out the door with out tears? Well we packed up the cars from the house and took them for a ride in the van to keep us company. The ride home was kind of quiet because W was a little tired and didn't really want to go home. We got home and W hopped out of the Van things seemed good until he noticed that his car seat had come out too. Stretched out face down on the lawn seemed the best way to show his protest. In for a quick visit and then gone again to get ready to feed the farm hands. What a fun day. Thanks W for the fun time, come again soon.

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  1. He keeps talking about it every once in a while. And asks for his Auntie Tammy-Lee.