Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another fun day for a visit!

Today CJ came for a visit and what a fun day we had. I asked LaDonna to get CJ to call before she came to help me plan the day. Well she did call but didn't really have anything special that she wanted to do. Mom and CJ snuck out of the house and headed to my house so as not to end up with tears from the other kids (especially W) on the way home. We started the day with breakfast! I had cut up some cantaloupe for my three kids that had already left for public school. When CJ was offered it her responce was YUM! Once breakfast was out of the way it was right into playtime! Coloring was allot of fun especially when the markers have two tips, one on either end. CJ was very careful not to push too hard and wreck the good markers. Jewel was looking for someone to play with and with V at school she takes every opportunity to play that she can. It didn't take much to get CJ into a tug of war game and oh what fun it was. Polly pockets were the next order of business for the day. There was a little bit of trouble putting the clothes on because they are made of rubber, but after a while there was success! No matter how hard we tried we couldn't find a Polly with a magnet in her head and the wig we had wouldn't stay on without it. As we spent time together and chatted I remembered that I needed to get some stuff done in V's room so we packed up the Pollies and headed into the room. There was sure allot more room to play on the bed! Looking around at all the fun toys in V's room made it too tempting to play with just one thing though so away went the Pollies and out came the Barbies. CJ informed me that they didn't have very many Barbies any more as a little boy at the camp fire wrecked them. She isn't very sure if she likes him too much! Lunch was soon creeping close and it was time to decide on what to have. The choices were large but to narrow it down to what kids really like was the trick. Kraft dinner? "no", she didn't really want that. ravioli? "What are they"? "They might be ok"! Pancakes? "Mom doesn't make them very much an they are yummy"? So pancakes it was with a smiley face done in chocolate chips, a little dash of syrup and a glass of chocolate milk and our tummies were full. After lunch the phone rang. It was mom, was she calling already to have CJ come home? Nope her sister K had requested a song on the all request lunch and we needed to turn on the radio. We enjoyed the song by Carrie Underwood then back to work. Math seemed like a good thing to do while our food digested. some of the questions were tricky but we worked together to find the answers. Next we pulled out the stamp. Lots of colors and lots of different pictures to make. Oops! we almost forgot to wash them up after using them. Soon we heard a noise at the end of the drive way. Guess who was home! V was off the bus and it was a great time for make up and a visit. V had big plans to go horse back riding though and her ride was there before we knew it. V doesn't play with baby dolls any more but there are still some in the house, which was great because CJ really wanted to play with them. Out came the cradle and baby stuff and the new mommy had a blast. Time to clean up, and get ready to go as well. Cj was happy to come and happy to go home to see her sisters and brother too. Thanks CJ for the fun day!

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